Introducing the New Bonn N8 Pro

The Audiophile Grade Audio Network Switch That Unifies Digital Music With The Ultimate HiFi Experience

Features in eight gold-plated enclosed gigabit ethernet ports, class-leading radar-grade internal switching power supply module, and TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) greatly lower network latency issues and jitter effects.


Music Server
Rhein Z1

Plug-n-play Roon Core server with Bridge Mode (output through USB-audio port). An ideal digital music center as well as a solid computing node to serve versatile streaming services.


HiFi Music Streamer
Munich M1

Roon Ready certified streamer as well as a headphone AMP. A compact, feature-rich, high-quality network streamer designed for music lovers who want to enjoy the purest audio quality possible.


HiFi Music Transporter
Munich M1T

Roon Ready certified "Bridge" allowing you to enjoy music streaming services without turning on a PC. An ideal addition to your existing DAC and HiFi system, so that you can discover the potential of digital music.


Network Music Streamer
Bremen B1

A network music streamer for HiFi entry. With Bremen B1, you can enjoy Hi-Res streaming music easily. It can be deployed flexibly by either wired ethernet or WiFi.


Linear Power Supply
Forester F2

It adopts Silent Angel’s power stabilization technology. Featuring multiple 12V and 5V DC outputs, the best power source for HiFi types of equipment.


Network Switch
Bonn N8

The audio-grade network switch that unifies digital music with HiFi grade experience. It enables HiFi system owners to create a stable and isolated audio zone.


Quick Overview Video

Watch the video below that Silent Angel showcased in CES 2022, Las Vegas. Let's guide you through a quick overview of our products.